Connect People & Processes

Stitch your processes into one flow, to keep your business moving with tasks, email automation, document generation, portals, reporting and more.

Launch quickly

elve builds you a workflow app fast. You don’t have to learn how to create an app yourself, just explain what you need it to do.

Custom Screens & Forms

Organize your data the way you run your business. Custom screens and forms help you organise and collect data, track information, submit changes.

Flow Automation

Automate the steps of your workflow, triggered from data changes or time based.

Send email, update data, issue forms, create cases, generate documents – all automated per your process.

Automated Tasks

Generate and allocate tasks automatically, remind people and report on progress.


Make it easy to view where you are, what needs attention, what’s ticking along.

Display any data accross multiple dashboards. Dashboards for managers, dashboards for clients, dashboards for audit.

Document & Form Generation

Generate word and PDF documents automatically or as needed.

Emails & Notifications

Automate outbound emails and in-app notifications.


Report instantly on any data point. Create ad hoc reports and save them for repeat use.

User Security

Easy to manage user group security, to flexibly control access.

Multi-factor Authentication

Single sign on, domain based self-registration and multifactor authentication all included.

Missing Something?

There are many more features in elve – if there is something you didn’t see or something you want to achieve, chat with us now.

Try for Free – Give us 1 week to create your app, we’re confident you’ll love it.